Research and Development

The Core Driver of Further Growth - Research and Development

Leveraging Our Strength in Small-Scale Advantages

The Kyorin Group's strength in research and development lies in the advantages of our smaller scale. In particular, excellent cross-departmental collaboration and the ability to nurture staff with diverse research capabilities able to handle a broad range of exploratory, development, and clinical research, are the source of our competitiveness in new drug discovery, and enable us to bring a multi-faceted knowledge to our research activities. In core technologies, our strengths also come from our drug discovery technologies, based on foundational research in inflammation, immunology, and infectious diseases, which we exploit to efficiently synthesize new compounds. Our research into optimized low molecular weight (LMW) drugs is also highly regarded, and by leveraging the Group’s attributes in this area, we will continue to meet the challenge of discovering new and innovative LMW drugs.

Focus on Timelines in the Discovery, Development, and
Life Cycle Management (LCM) R&D Process

The Kyorin Group promotes research and development with an emphasis on timelines. We have established a timeline for each role in the process, beginning with HOPE100 Stage 1, which emphasizes maximizing product value through LCM. Stages 1 and 2 focus on bringing products to market through development, while in Stage 3 and beyond, the emphasis is on the creation of new drugs that can contribute to the health of the world’s people. The direction of our drug discovery efforts is focused on creation of innovative new drugs in Stage 3, with a focus on the development of LMW drugs under the key concept of creating drugs that will change existing therapeutic systems.

In the development process, our goal is to bring a “developer-producer's” awareness to creating products. This refers to formulating development policies with a strong awareness of our vision for a product after launch, based on which we work to accelerate and improve the quality of development. In short, we envision the patients who will actually use the product, and endeavor to meticulously meet their needs.

In LCM, we work to build evidence by implementing high-quality research, maximizing product value by incorporating that evidence into guidelines for medical care and therapeutic policies.

In this way, by clearly delineating each department’s functions and goals and enhancing collaboration, we aim to conduct research and development that will win the trust of medical professionals and patients alike.

Framework to Support Employees Making Efforts to Polish Their Skills

In drug discovery and research and development,it is important to retain advanced knowledge and technology at any age. Employees must think for themselves, and make an effort to polish their skills. At the Research & Development Headquarters, we are engaged in systematic efforts to formulate human resource management policies and provide ongoing education.

Foundational education is implemented on separate levels, including training through the Human Resources Department, R&D training, training by facility (systematic training provided at individual facilities), and workplace training (task-specific on-the-job training, or OJT). R&D training is conducted for the first three years upon hire, providing new employees with basic professional skills and a general overview of drug creation. By also holding more freewheeling “waigaya” sessions, we work to ensure employees learn to diversify their thinking and gain the creativity needed to generate new value.

Management employees undergo training in status quo analysis and strategic organizational reform, including next-generation human resource (asset) development. To support individuals and their career paths and develop independent careers, the Group also offers opportunities to employees to conduct research at or be assigned to work with domestic and foreign universities and research institutions.

Focus on Timelines in Research and Development

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