About Kyorin Group



Kyorin continues to fulfill its mission of
cherishing life and benefiting society by
contributing to better health.

Long-term Vision HOPE100




The Kyorin Group will promote diversified business expansion and the development of the healthcare business, and by 2023, will be recognized within and outside the Group as a company that supports sound and healthy lifestyles.

The Leading Company
for Career Fulfillment

Be a company
employees can be proud of, have trust in, and make united efforts for

KYORIN is committed to its philosophy, “Business is based on people,” and believes that the fundamental issue for its existence and growth is to be a company whose employees are able to perform their duties with passionate determination. To achieve this, the KYORIN Pharmaceutical Group will aim to become the No.1 company whose employees experience job satisfaction, have pride in their duties and trust in the Company, and work in full cooperation with their colleagues.

An International Company that
Supports Healthy Lifestyles
Around the World

Be a company
that contributes to people's health through the Consumer Healthcare Business

It is KYORIN’s aspiration to contribute to people’s health as a company that supports sound and healthy lifestyles, realizing its corporate message, “Your health is KYORIN’s mission.” To achieve this, the KYORIN Pharmaceutical Group aims to develop a diversified business portfolio centered on the drug business from the perspective of responding to a range of health needs, including the maintenance and enhancement of health and the treatment and prevention of illness, along with corporate growth.

Be a company
that promotes business expansion overseas

KYORIN is committed to enhancing its raison d’etre as a company and responding to overseas demand by providing its own products and services not only in Japan, but also around the world. To do so, the KYORIN Pharmaceutical Group aims to become a global company with an eye on direct overseas development (particularly in the Asian region where economies are growing rapidly).

An Innovative Company that
Customers Trust

Be a company
that is well-regarded for its products and services and practices excellent Monozukuri

KYORIN aims to become a company that customers rely on and trust by creating and steadily offering attractive, high-quality products and services. To achieve this, the KYORIN Pharmaceutical Group aims to create, produce and sell unique products and services by improving its own research and development and production capabilities and aggressively establishing collaborations with other institutions, both in Japan and overseas.

Be a company
with a positive brand image

KYORIN believes that in an effort to effectively carry out corporate activities and allow products and services to reach a wider arena, the degree of awareness and understanding and the image of the brand that people and customers have play a very important role. For this reason, the KYORIN Pharmaceutical Group will improve its continued corporate communication activities with the aim of enhancing its visibility and creating a positive brand image.

A Company that Seeks to
Co-Exist with Society

Be a company
that works to foster positive relationships with society

KYORIN believes that it is extremely important to establish and maintain relationships of trust with all related parties at companies (stakeholders) when carrying out its corporate activities. For this reason, the KYORIN Pharmaceutical Group aims to become a company that responds to the expectations of shareholders, prospers together with business partners and takes action as a good corporate citizen in local communities.

Be a company
that acts with the social good in mind

KYORIN believes that society expects a company to engage in activities while upholding its social responsibility.
For this reason, the KYORIN Pharmaceutical Group complies with laws and regulations and fully ensures that the Group carries out activities with dignity based on social common sense and a sense of ethics. Moreover, it aims to become a company that is actively involved in social contribution activities and global environmental issues.

A Company
that Sustains Growth

Be a company
that maintains positive business results and excellent financial standing

KYORIN believes that KYORIN’s existence as a self-governed and independent business operator is the expectation of a number of its employees and shareholders, and this is also important for achieving its corporate philosophy. For this reason, the KYORIN Pharmaceutical Group aims to become a company at which all employees are united to achieve sustainable growth and work to maintain and strengthen a sound financial situation under all circumstances so that the Group will continue to be able to manage independent operations in the future.

Business Plan


image of Medium-Term Business Plan HOPE 100 -Stage3- FY2020-FY2023

The external environment surrounding the ethical drug business is becoming more severe due to further strengthening measures to control medical expenses and drug costs, increasing difficulty in creating new drugs, and changes in drug sales promotion activities. On the other hand, in terms of the internal environment, new drugs group that are expected as growth drivers are all present, and the diagnosis business is budding, which are considered to be the start of the growth period. Under these circumstances, in order to pursue our “originality (original competitive edge)” that is not the conventional way of thinking and method, and to realize the shift to the growth trend, we established the new medium-term business plan “HOPE100-Stage3-”. We set the statement "Achieve growth trends by pursuing originality", work on business strategies and organization strategies, and strive to achieve the key performance targets.

Medium-Term Business Plan