President's Message

Mobilizing its comprehensive strength, the Kyorin Group aims to achieve its long-term vision HOPE100.

Based on its corporate philosophy "to cherish life and benefit society by contributing to better health," the Kyorin Group will present the significance of its existence as a group and enhance its corporate value by developing businesses, including the ethical drugs business, that will truly be able to contribute to people’s health.

The Kyorin Group is working to realize its long-term vision HOPE100.

In the long-term vision HOPE100(Aim for Health Of People and our Enterprises), which the Group formulated in 2010 as a specific vision to embody its corporate philosophy, the Group aims to evolve into a company that will support healthy lifestyles through its business and that will grow soundly and sustainably by combining the ethical drugs business and the healthcare business and diversifying business risks.

Looking ahead to 2023 when KYORIN Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., the core subsidiary, will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding, we are working on the sustainable growth of the Group and the enhancement of corporate value over the medium to long term by dividing the period until the final year into three stages: Stage 1 (fiscal 2010 to fiscal 2015), Stage 2 (fiscal 2016 to fiscal 2019) and Stage 3 (fiscal 2020 to fiscal 2023). Stage 1, the first step, has ended, and we have achieved certain results.

To further strengthen this foundation and promote sustainable growth, we have recently formulated a new medium-term business plan HOPE100 Stage 2, which we position as the second step in realizing the long-term vision, and it is now being executed. We will accomplish innovative changes in our business by fostering the buds grown from the seeds we planted, becoming among the first to capture future changes in the operating environment and raising our awareness.

As we pursue these initiatives, we continue to ask for the understanding of our stakeholders and the support of the Group.

Your Health is Kyorin‘s Mission.

Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer
Minoru Hogawa

Minoru Hogawa