Sales (Medical Representatives (MRs))

The Source of Value Creation - Sales (Medical Representatives (MRs))

Aiming to Establish a Greater Presence in Specific Fields

The approximately 750 MRs at KYORIN Pharmaceutical strive to maximize the penetration of mainstay products under a franchise customer (FC) strategy that prioritizes sales activities and informa¬tion provision for physicians and medical institutions in specific fields, centering on specialists in respiratory medicine, otolaryngol¬ogy and urology.

In fiscal 2014, we focused on strategic communications with doctors based on detailed plans established for each product and dosage form, and this was effective in promoting our mainstay products.

In fiscal 2015, to achieve the final targets of our medium-term business plan HOPE100 Stage 1, it will be important to further maximize the penetration of mainstay products while maintaining a firm grasp on market changes. A look at the current domestic ethi¬cal pharmaceuticals market reveals major changes are taking place in market trends by region and product group due to drug pricing revisions and changes to the remuneration system for medical ser¬vices. At the Sales & Marketing Headquarters, we have made orga¬nizational changes to accurately ascertain and address these changes, establishing the new Area Management Department to respond to the specific characteristics of users and geographic areas and the new Product Management Department to fully iden¬tify diverse medical needs with a focus on specified diseases. Sales activities are being developed on a regional and product matrix as we seek to identify disease-specific issues as well as which prod¬ucts (including dosage forms) are needed by medical professionals in each region and at each medical institution in order to craft highly tailored approaches.

To build trust and further improve relationships with physicians, we are providing and collecting information through regular visits, holding talks and seminars for specialists, and giving presentations to provide detailed product information to benefit the medical field and precisely grasp the needs of doctors. In addition, we’ve started using tablet terminals in sales activities as a tool for providing infor¬mation, having launched the Kyorin Medical Bridge members’ web¬site for medical professionals and instituted other policies designed to continuously strengthen information provision and collection activities. In this way, the entire company is working to further improve relationships with specialist physicians.

Team-based Sales Structure to Maximize Individual Abilities and Achieve Organizational Goals

KYORIN Pharmaceutical has instituted a team-based sales struc¬ture in which a number of MRs are made responsible for a certain area. We are not only working to build a structure that allows MRs to demonstrate their individual abilities (and strengths) to the maxi¬mum extent while enabling us to respond to the diverse needs of physicians, we are also fostering a climate in which MRs experi¬ence the pleasure of achieving a goal as a team.

At the same time, in order to further promote mainstay products on a sustained basis, it is important to enhance the general abilities of each MR, including his or her knowledge, technical skills and personal abilities. We are enhancing employee education and train¬ing programs, including new employee training and training for per¬sonnel in their second or third year at the company, and thereby working to foster personnel capable of appropriately providing information in line with physician needs.

Active Promotion of the FC Strategy

At KYORIN Pharmaceutical, we have supplied Kipres and Mucodyne and contributed significantly to drug treatment in the key fields of respiratory medicine and otolaryngology.

In fiscal 2014, in respiratory medicine, we worked to facilitate further market penetration for Flutiform, a combination drug for asthma treatment that was launched in November 2013. Flutiform has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, is fast-acting and comes in an optimal device for these characteristics; it is an asthma medica¬tion that is especially easy to inhale with complete confidence. As a drug that meets the needs of patients with symptoms not ade¬quately controlled by existing treatments, we will promote its further penetration by working to provide more information and facilitate understanding, taking advantage of the fact that restrictions on the drug’s dosing period were rescinded in December 2014. In May 2014, we launched Eklira Genuair, a treatment for chronic obstruc¬tive pulmonary disease (COPD), and worked to further enhance drug therapies in this field.

In urology, another of our specific fields, we provide hospitals and clinics with the overactive bladder (OAB) drug Uritos, actively proposing it as a first-line drug treatment, raising awareness of the disease to facilitate market growth, and otherwise striving to maxi¬mize the product’s penetration.

We will continue to highly value the trust we have fostered with medical professionals in these specific fields and work toward the further evolution of our FC strategy. In line with the changing times and changing market, we will optimize regular visits and do our utmost to harness our accumulated expertise, connections, net¬works and other resources to more speedily develop new products while making every effort to be able to deliver these new drugs that contribute to the health of patients as soon as possible.

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