Alliance Strategies

Reinforcing Our Pipeline in Specific Fields through Alliances

KYORIN Pharmaceutical, the core subsidiary in the Kyorin Group, is working to reinforce its product pipeline to establish a greater pres¬ence in specific fields. Amid a lack of innovative new drugs world¬wide, the large number of competing companies makes it a major challenge to acquire products through in-licensing activities.

Under these conditions, we have successfully in-licensed various drugs in specific fields (FC), namely, the therapeutic areas of respira¬tory medicine, urology, and otolaryngology. These include Flutiform, a combination drug for asthma treatment launched in November 2013; Eklira Genuair, a COPD treatment launched in May 2015; KRP-209, a treatment for tinnitus; KRP-AB1102F, a COPD treat¬ment; and KRP-114V, a therapeutic agent for overactive bladder. In addition, we have concluded a co-promotion agreement with MSD for desloratadine, a treatment for seasonal allergic rhinitis.

These results are due to the fact that among all of the companies that out-licensed these products, the joint-development companies found the prospect of working with the Kyorin Group attractive, and were confident that we would prove to be a reliable partner. We believe this is evidence that the franchise customer (FC) strategy we are pursuing is gaining a firm hold in the pharmaceutical industry, both in Japan and the rest of the world. Going forward, our employ¬ees will work together to build an even more attractive product pipe¬line, which will be trusted by physicians and patients, and the Kyorin Group will be recognized as having a significant presence in society.

Promoting Domestic and Overseas Alliances

Through proactive collaboration with outside firms, the Kyorin Group is working to enrich our R&D pipeline and to maximize the value of our original products.

Promoting Domestic and Overseas Alliances

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